What Locks Should Be Re-keyed?

by Jon on April 5, 2010

Whenever possible, change ALL locks when re-keying a home.  As a minimum, change the essential exterior locks and disable the rest.  This will, at least, make it more difficult for someone who may still have a key to the old locks to regain access to the property.   If the former homeowner keeps a key and not all the locks have been changed, he can easily gain access to the property.  Having gained access, he may then choose from many options available to him:  1) He could simply live there until forced out; 2) he could steal appliances and fixtures; 3) he could claim to be the owner and change the locks himself and then, perhaps, rent out the property to unsuspecting folks looking for a place to rent; and 4) he could just wreak havoc and vandalize the property. 

     I have seen all of the above options exercised.  It is less expensive to have all the locks changed than it is to replace several thousands of dollars of stolen appliances or to repair thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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