Access to Gated Communities

by Jon on October 1, 2010

Often a locksmith is required to go into a gated community to re-key a property. And sometimes these communities not only have a locked gate to contend with, they may also have a guard posted at the gate. Lately, the guards I have encountered require anyone (such as a service person – like a locksmith) entering the community who is not specifically a guest of one of the homeowners to have a Real Estate license. Real Estate agents may enter simply by showing the guard their licenses and proper ID. However, locksmiths without a Real Estate license may not enter – at least in Canyon Lake. I know this from experience. Fortunately I also hold a Real Estate license and have been able to enter. But the guard told me in no uncertain terms that I would not be allowed in otherwise. Some other communities, such as Bear Creek, have allowed me to enter only after having made arrangements beforehand. These arrangements consist of the Realtor calling the guard shack ahead of time to notify them that there will be a locksmith showing up at the gate and needing access. They will need his name and the address he is going to. I learned this the hard way, being turned back at the gate until I had made such arrangements.
With gated communities that only have gates to deal with, sometimes I luck out and find the gate open or I have been given the gate code. Sometimes I have to “tail gate”, meaning I wait until someone comes along who has access to the gate and then I follow them before the gate closes. Note that last phrase “before the gate closes”. One time I thought I was going to be clever and tailgate to get into a gated community. Only, there was one of those railroad crossing type gates that rises to allow access and then lowers again to stop the next car. I underestimated the speed with which that mechanism operates and when I was halfway through the gate, that arm came down hard on top of my car, leaving a nice dent in it. So I don’t do that anymore.
So, Realtors, do your locksmith a favor if he has to go into a gated community for you:
1) Make arrangements for him if needed by notifying the guard at the gate ahead of time.
2) If there’s no guard, try to get the gate code for him so that he doesn’t have to tailgate.
Otherwise, he may not be able to complete his assignment for you. Thanks!

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Johnson Naugher February 10, 2011 at 7:24 pm

I really liked the blog post. It is always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

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