More Amazing Things People Leave Behind (Part 3)

by Jon on October 11, 2010

At another place a family had left behind a most beautiful and loving young dog probably about 8 months old.  She appeared to be a mix of chocolate lab and pit bull.  The poor thing had been chained to a tree with no food or water anywhere to be found.  She had wrapped herself around the tree until she had only about a foot of slack with which to move about.  At first I approached her cautiously, not knowing if she was friendly or not.  It didn’t take long to realize she was just as friendly as could be.  She was so grateful when I cut her loose from that chain that she almost knocked me over with appreciation.  We gave her water and she drank for what seemed like ten minutes before she was finally satisfied!

Roxie, Left Behind by Former Owners

Roxie, Left Behind by Former Owners

I fell in love with this dog, which we had begun to call “Roxie” after a day or so.   We took her to a vet to make sure she was healthy and had all her shots.  She was indeed healthy and strong as an ox.  She was playful and happy.  But unfortunately I had no place to keep her myself though I wanted to.  We had to find a good home for her.  The original owners never did inquire about her.  They had just left her there to die without caring a whit.

Of course I’ve run across cats and kittens too.  Cats tend to be very independent and seem to do better than dogs when left on their own; and I’ve never seen one chained up.  So at least they have a chance to hunt if they have to to survive.  Dogs don’t have a clue when it comes to survival — they are so dependent on humans for their care.   By the time I arrive on the scene, most of the cats and kittens I have found were already pretty wild and ran away.  I saw several kittens under one house; but they would not come anywhere near me.

Makes me sad to find how these animals have been so mistreated and abandoned by their owners.

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