Some Thoughts About Playing the Keytar

by Jon on January 15, 2011


An Acoustic Keytar

You might have wondered, “How does one play such an instrument as the Keytar?”  Well, I can tell you it’s not easy.  Even though I invented it, it has taken me years to master it.   Now (and I don’t mean to be boastful) I’m known as a “Master Key” player, and am number one in my field world-wide.  It takes a while to get the feel of this unique instrument; and it’s a bit hard on the left hand at first.  But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it to be quite versatile and fun to play.  It can actually be played in any key and has a unique sound all its own.  With just the right twisting motion it will open doors to all kinds of possibilities inspiring the imagination to come up with entirely new compositions.  For example I can imagine someone like Ray Stevens coming up with a song called “KeyTarZan” complete with all his zany lyrics.   All he’d have to do is change one syllable and he’s got it!

It has several other advantages as well.  For example it’s completely self-contained.  It is very rugged and doesn’t need a case to protect it (very handy if you’re on the road all the time doing gigs).  It doesn’t require any power – at least in its basic form (There are digital ones that run on batteries).  The one I play is an acoustic model; however electric models are beginning to show up here and there.

In conclusion, if you decide you want to take up playing the Keytar, plan on spending at least an hour a day practicing.  And if you can find it, try to obtain some good sheet music written especially for Keytar.  I wish you great success and a joyful experience for many years playing the Keytar.

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