If You Know The Lord…

by Jon on December 1, 2011

When I was about twelve years old, there came a young preacher / evangelist to our little church in Greenfield where I grew up. This young man was incredibly talented and could play the guitar and sing so beautifully. He could play almost every other instrument too.

One of my favorite memories is that very often after an evening service, Josh would stay
and just play and sing for us. I was so mesmerized and could have stayed all night listening and watching. One of the songs he sang was “If You Know the Lord”. I can still visualize the whole scene and hear it in my mind to this day. That was 56 years ago!!! Today Josh and his wife Evelyn are pastors of a little church there in Greenfield; and the last time I was there, he was still playing and singing and preaching the Gospel.

In the past month or so, Josh had to spend some time in the hospital undergoing triple bypass and valve replacement surgery. The words of the songs came back to me and I thought how wonderful it is to know that at times like this “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and that “If you know the Lord, you’ll need nobody else to see you through the darkest night…”. I’m happy to report that Josh has come through that “darkest night” and is now on the way to full recovery. Praise God!

I’d like to dedicate this arrangement/medley of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” and “If You Know the Lord” to Josh. Thank-you so much Josh. You have been such an inspiration and a wonderful blessing in my life and I know I speak for many others who have been blessed by your ministry as well. I only wish you were here in person to sing it for me; and since I don’t sing (not so as you can tell anyway) I can only offer this instrumental composition. I hope you like it. God bless you.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus / If You Know the Lord

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